This is for me to keep track doing some kind of moving each day: When i reach 15 consecutive days, i get a little reward – ITunes!

Day 1 10/21/08 Elliptical before yoga class.

Day 2 10/22/08 Elliptical before morning yoga class 15 minutes. (my hip started to bother me, so i slowed down and opted to only do 15 then stretch before class)

Day 3 10/23/08 Treadmill incline 20 minutes between teaching classes.

Day 4 10/24/08 Went for a walk while i waited for my car to be serviced. 30 minutes.

Start over:

Day 1 11/2/08 Spinning Class

Day 2 11/3/08 Pilates Reformer

Day 3 11/4/08