Stress is absolutely my downfall.  When i am overstressed, i get overtired. My body feels the dis-ease and wants to curl up under the blankets rather than workout.  The cravings for junk increase, and occasionally win out. For the last few weeks i haven’t been able to shake the nausea and wonky stomach. (If you prescribe to the philosophy of astrosigns, Ayurveda, or Chinese medicine, due to my birthday and/or disposition, i’m more prone to stomach issues during stressful moments.) It was a combination of things – taxes, money, work, life in general. I was so under the weather that i craved junk, but i also made some Matzo Ball Soup to help soothe the emotions and the tummy.

Now that taxes are done and over with, i did feel a bit better. The other stuff is still there, but i have to be more proactive in pulling myself out of the funk.  Workouts usually do help, but it’s making that first step that is always the hardest especially when you are on your own for most of the time. I was working out with Michaela, but our schedules have been off these last few weeks, and i’ll be honest, i’m kinda tired of gym workouts. With the weather getting nicer, i’m looking forward to going on hikes. I hope that can happen.

Food has been an issue because of money. It’s expensive to eat clean. Cheap products are filled with fillers that cost next to nothing. This weekend (pay week), i have to sit down and figure out what do i want to eat this week.  I need to plan, because i really do want to incorporate Raw eating into a clean diet. But over planning overwhelms me so i have to find a balance.

Balance. What a word. Just writing it reminds me of what i need to do with life in general, not just food. There is an aboslute disconnect going on with my mind and body these last few months. I’ve packed on the pounds when i started to lose my yoga practice. I teach, but my personal practice has fallen, and i feel it even more now.  Money and time have been the biggest issue in rediscovering my practice.  I do hope that i can work on this before summer.

There is another part of my life that has been way out of balance. All i have done for the last five years has been work. I work seven days a week, no vacations. Fortunately, i am someone who loves my job. It is a dream to do it and get paid for it. Unfortunately, in taking such a passion in my life and turning it into business…i don’t have another outlet. While watching a Korean drama, Boys Before Flowers, i did discover a new passion to include in my life. Art has always been a part of me. I have painted, i love photography, and when i came back to university for my second try, i really liked pottery. In Boys Before Flowers, one of the main characters was a potter. Just seeing the beautiful craftsmanship of the artwork shown in the drama,  made me miss having my hands on clay creating something. I was hoping to take a pottery class at the end of April, but money got in the way. I still plan on doing it, just not at this moment.

Balance, i need to find it in eating, in life, in work and in play.