i’ve been eating crap for the last week or so. yeah, i thought i was coming out of my funk.

in a way it’s been good because i can completely feel the difference in my energy and how my digestive system feels when i was eating mostly clean food.  crappy food (prepackaged, sugar, etc), forgetting to eat, and lack of water has made me feel sloth like, my digestive system feels clog (sorry for the TMI but it had to be said) and i just feel heavy.

eating is going to be the hardest challenge for me on this journey. i know alot about food, i enjoy the garden and veggies…but i’m also weak when it comes to my trigger foods. since i live with others i am always surrounded by temptation. i figure i need to find goals and challenge myself.

cooking isn’t a hardship for me. for the upcoming week (monday March 30th to sunday April 5th) i am challenging myself to stay away from the junk. no free days, just a week of clean eating to cleanse out my body.


in the middle of the junk i’ve been eating, i will note that tonight i did have some yummy roasted asparagus. i purchased a bunch less than a week ago and never got around to making it. today i grabbed the thin spears (right now they are in season) drizzled them with olive oil, garlic, pepper and sea salt. unfortunately we didn’t have any lemon. but that is okay. i popped them in the oven for a few minutes. oh my goodness, they were so tender. it would have been awesome with a nice lemon garlic piece of  baked salmon.  asparagus is one veggie i wish i could have in my garden, but there isn’t enough room for it in my tiny plot. i swoon at the thought of being able to go out and cut the tender baby spears and cook them within minutes of harvesting. how i cooked it was so simple and it tasted amazing. even my sister and nephew, both picky eaters whom have the habit of smelling their food before they eat it,  had a bite.


on another fierce note, cause ya know it isn’t just about losing weight to being fierce……my hair. in May of 2006 i rejected the use of any chemical hair straighteners/relaxers and went natural.  i never cut my hair but continued to trim it as it grew, cutting out the old relaxed hair. my hair rarely grew past my shoulders while relaxed and was overly thin.  my hair at that point was so broken and damaged that the sides and nape were less than an inch long. going natural was the best choice for me.  my hair got healthier, i knew how to better take care of it, it fit my style and personality (think big curly hair), and it grew. due to it being curly it was difficult to really see how long my hair was getting since there is shrinkage. you can tell it was growing, but you couldn’t tell how much.

i had to detangle my hair today, so i had my sister use heat (for the first time in 3 years) on my hair and straighten it with the blow dryer and flat iron. lets say she wasn’t pleased because it was so thick and threatened that i better keep it straight for at least a week. (which will be difficult to do because we are having rain storms right now, and water takes my hair back to the curl). we were both surprised at the results. my hair, my natural hair straightened, is past my shoulders. i know this doesn’t seem like a big deal to some who have long flowing swingin hair which grows like a weed. but it’s a huge deal with me. i haven’t had hair past my shoulders since i was under the age of 10 in the single digits because of damage. (i should say hair that was my own and not a weave or extentions).  it makes me happy.

i thought it may be about shoulder length, i wasn’t expecting it to be past the shoulders.  my next hair goal is arm pit length straightened which would most likely be full shoulder length with my natural curly hair. i think this may be possible by the end of the year, especially if i cut out much of  the junk in my diet. (you are what you eat!)  my big goal would be mid back length naturally curly…i can wait a few years for that to happen. i’m patient.

there will be a post coming up next all about food talking about clean eating and incorporating the raw food diet as my next challenge.