clean eating  is something that can be so easy for me since i love to garden, i adore veggies, and cooking is a wonderful activity. it’s easier to reach for a pre packaged food item. for me it’s easier to reach for a package of sweet cookies or salty chips to satisfy a craving when clean foods aren’t readily available. shifting from prepackaged foods to clean foods isn’t hard, it’s just a little expensive at times when you are on a budget.

paying attention to the food i eat is important. for the past few weeks i’ve made a stronger effort in watching what i eat and when i eat. even after cutting back on the sweets, i was still feeling really tired. my body wanted to nap more than workout. a bigger problem was that even with working out i felt like i was starving. i would eat, and eat all these clean foods, but ten minutes later i would feel like i never had one single bite of food. after speaking with Stephanie, the dietitian, she asked if i ate breakfast.

the majority of my yoga classes that i teach are in the early morning hours. it’s great because i am a morning person. i’ve never really was a breakfast eater. due to some classes being at 6am, meaning i have to leave the house before 5:30am and sometimes earlier depending on the weather forecast, i don’t eat and i was usually okay with it.  i remember in third grade my mom would have to make pancakes in the shape of animals or letters to get me to eat before school. or she would wake up and make me hamburgers (during the time i actually ate red meat)  for breakfast. i’ve always been unconventional.

my answer to Stephanie was no, not usually. she gave me some great ideas of what to eat. with the suggestion to add breakfast, i started to pay closer attention to what i ate that week. i purchased greek yogurt, fresh berries, honey, oranges, bananas, and wheat flour & flax seed tortillas. Stephanie also suggested to eat more often to help with metabolism. in the same way that eating breakfast helps fire up the metabolism, eating frequently helps in keeping that internal fire going. adding breakfast and never really letting myself get hungry by keeping good snacks handy. to help with my feeling of starvation she said to add fat to my diet since i was eating primarily low fat, low calorie foods. it’s amazing what a little peanut butter or almond butter can do for you.

the saying “you are what you eat,” holds so much truth to it.  once i started to eat 75% clean, eat more often and adding breakfast to my diet i noticed changes.  my mood swings leveled off, my energy levels went up, my workouts felt amazing, and i no longer felt like i was starving. i stayed on the path for a good two or three weeks. it wasn’t until this week when i started to stray with forgetting to eat, not purchasing the good foods going back to prepackaged. i totally felt the difference.  my body felt sloth like again, choosing to want to nap rather than workout.

eventually i need to make a food diary so Stephanie can really help me figure out the best food path to help me on my goal to lose weight. my fear of the food diary is the obsessiveness i get sometimes. i know it would be temporary and really assist in me shedding the fat off my body. my fear stems in the same reason why i can’t weigh myself and know the numbers. i get too competitive. it’s great when i am on the elliptical and working on increasing distance and shaving time. a food diary for me can be a guilt magnet which can force me to backslid into old binge habits. i dont’ want to got there. i noticed how easy it was for me to slag off for a week when i hopped onto a scale and saw the number. my brain switched off and i had a pity party. if it wasn’t for the supportive people around me, checking in with me, i don’t know if i would have pulled myself out of it so quickly to get back on track.

this is a lifestyle change. it’s a mental change in the way i think about my relationship with food, emotion, body image and exercise. it won’t happen overnight. i just have to keep being aware, keep moving, keep eating clean and keep eating breakfast.