Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. DOMS.  My body is feeling it this morning.  Saturday i was planning on going to Karen’s Spin class, but i had to take my mother on a few of her errands.  That evening i packed my bag for Sunday and made sure to include my spin shoes and my seat cover to take Julia’s class after my yoga class. I came close to talking myself out of it. Oh so close. Julia took my yoga class, and i could have walked out of the room. Instead i stayed.

Paul, another instructor, helped set my bike up with me since i’m still getting use to it. I first got on the wrong type of bike. I didn’t know there were different ones. My clips wouldn’t be able to click in on the first bike i rolled out.  I did a lot better than my first class. I was able to do some jumps, and stand up in the saddle (sorry if i got the terms wrong) longer than before.  My left hip started to hurt a bit about a half hour in. 15 minutes before class was done, i did feel like i wanted to quit. I wanted to give up.  Julia, like Karen, has that attitude towards spin in “do what you can.” Backing off was the best option. It made me stronger to complete the class. The stretching afterwards felt amazing, and since there wasn’t a class afterwards, i rolled out my yoga mat and went into a nice hip flexor stretch – piegon pose. So yummy.

For the rest of Sunday and the whole day Monday my hips did not have one ounce of pain or discomfort within them. I didn’t hobble out of my Escape like a 100 year old woman which sometimes happen when i have a long drive. The beautiful thing about the day after spin class….my butt wasn’t sore.

Monday was a day of movement as well. I taught my two classes, but inbetween i had a tiny Pilates Reformer lesson. I say tiny because i had to fit it in between teaching my classes, there was only a 15 minute window which was well worth it. I am feeling it today. The names of the pilates moves/postures i’m not fully sure of, but we did a few plank postures and i got a nice extention in the split. My pecks and core are so feeling it, and i love each one of those DOMS.

Tuesday;s workout? I don’t know yet.