Talking myself out of going to spin class would have been very easy. In fact, I came very close to it. None of the reasons really were valid. I do this all the time. Get excited about something, then the reality hits and i am forced to go through with it or back away. Saturday morning i packed my shoes, my seat cushion and some water …off to Norwalk i went. It’s not the closest fitness center, it is about a 20 minute ride if the traffic is fairly light. The choice to go and take Karen’s class was a decision.

It was comforting that I knew this place and had friendly faces who take my yoga class there with me. It helped that Karen is super awesome (and a powerhouse of energy on the bike) and looked out for me. I felt comforted, i felt like i belonged.

My main goal was to just keep peddling for the full class. I didn’t have to do anything fancy (jumps and all that) if i didn’t want to.  When i did feel strong, i did try some jumps. I made my goal — i did the class and i peddled all the way through it.  Afterwards, a woman i never met before gave me kudos. She mentioned she had only been able to do 20 minutes when she had first started.  Dave and Lisa, a wonderful couple who takes my yoga classes, also gave me kudos. Before class Dave warned me about Karen’s enthusiasm for jumps and sprints. It was cute. The whole vibe was good. I think that helps, and i look forward to next Saturday. I even made a client book later in the afternoon so that i can attend class and shower.

My personal reward for going to the class (the first one is always the hardest) and making it through was an ITunes card (i’m addicted). Of course this lead me to be inspired in shaking up my yoga class as i am infused with new music.


Years ago when i went to my first yoga class every, I came out of class saying to myself “I want her life.” I didn’t know my yoga teacher’s life outside of the classroom. All i knew was that she was a yoga teacher, a massage therapist, and a reiki master. It wasn’t what she was doing, there was just a blissness to her. Years later…i’m pretty darn close to that description.  I didn’t expect to be here today doing what i love. Honestly i didn’t expect to be a massage therapist and a yoga teacher, but i am.

I always wanted to drive a Jeep since i was at least 10 years old. There was always something about Jeeps. Maybe it was the sense of adventure i always associated with it. The commercials of a Jeep parked next to a flowing river, and campers having a good time. Yeah i know, i was 10 believing in the marketing. It never got away from me though. Last year when looking for a new car because the Sundance died on me, the Jeep Liberty was on the top of my list. I got a used Escape instead (the Jeep Liberty was too close to Fairfield soccer mom for my tastes), which is still in that category of adventuresome 4 wheel drive. My reasons for a small SUV have more to do with my profession and gardening addiction, but always in the back of my mind I want to be that adventurer. I have that freespirit, or need i say inner athlete adventurer within me.

Deep down i want to be the active girl. For years i’ve tried to do kayaking lessons for my birthday, things just haven’t worked out. I see bikers on my drives in Westport and Norwalk, although i it is a sport i never was fully interested in, i do envy their ability and being able to get out and play in Mother Nature. I always wanted to check out indoor rock climbing, and just recently i learned that a local spot had closed (bummer). I just always wanted to be that kind of girl who is up for any thing, or can say “i’m going to Vermont/camping/hiking/fill in the blank for the week end. I live in a beautiful state that has so much to offer, and i don’t take advantage of it. I envy those cars who have bike, ski or snowboard racks on them. I smile at suvs who have a canoe or kayak strapped to the top. There is just something about it. I wanna be that kind of girl.

Just today, I was telling Julia (another wonderful spin instructor with great energy who takes my class).  I asked her about the possibility of taking me out on a ride when i get stronger.  When we thaw out of our winter, it could happen as long as i keep up my spinning and strengthening my left leg. I’m not really a cyclist, but i want to experience it at least once. It would be great to play outdoors. Julia was telling me about the amazing parts of Connecticut she has seen because of her rides.  The bonus would be giving me the opportunity to meet new people, which has been harder. Julia did mention that a lot of cyclists are men, so that was an interesting tidbit.

On my way home i thought about all this. The trees were in all of their glory in various shades from green through yellow, to golden oranges and bright reds.  I was hitting a hill on the Merritt and my cd player was starting to play The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves.  (You may have heard it in a car commerical btw.) It was the perfect moment. Here i was thinking about the person i want to be at this point in my life.  The person who wants to seek adventures in nature, to explore and play in this great backyard i have. All i could do was smile. This is what i want and what i am working for. It was just the perfect moment, as if it was in a movie. Any other song could have played right then and it wouldn’t have worked, i had the location perfect, and the voice over in my head fit like it was made for that moment.  Who am i to argue with the universe.

Saturday’s spin class did more than get me moving my body, it’s getting me moving on my path.  Losing the weight is a need and a bonus. I think right now my ultimate goal is to keep pushing myself to explore these athletic endeavors.

When i turned 30, I wasn’t fearful. I put myself on the path to be who i am now. I hit 35 this year, and i am putting myself on another path of who i want to be. All i can say is 40 should be damn interesting and i can only hope that i am living life to the fullest in the years between.