The amazing and lovely Karen (the spin leader at the Y) has been so generous in sharing her spin knowledge with me.

It started with a small request in guiding me to the proper spin shoes. When i took spin ages ago, my thighs got wonderfully thinner. The downside was my booty being sore and my feet going numb. A good friend gave me a gel seat to comfort the butt slightly, but my feet would just be in pain for the last 30 minutes of class. I dropped spin because i couldn’t deal. Years later when i started teaching in the gyms, i got to ask questions of the various instructors about their classes. Amazing what ya learn by just asking questions!

Spin shoes was the answer to my numbing tootsies. But how does one buy spin shoes? What is a good spin shoe? Karen not only gave me advice, but she offered a nice morning of breakfast then taking me to a shop in Wilton/Norwalk so i can get fitted.

It started as a gray yucky morning, but turned into an amazing one by the time we parted. Before breakfast we stopped off at another gym we both work for (different locations, but same company) so I can get a tour of the new facility. Breakfast was a gab fest….it was like talking to someone i’ve known for years.  Karen has such a positive wonderful energy to her.

When we left the diner, the sun was breaking through and the leaves on the trees were just popping with colour. The cycling shop was just a whole new world for me. I think it was part of a few different outdoor activity shop (kayaks and canoes where in the back on the side, a ski and snowboard shop i think was next door, etc). It was just awe inspiring. These are the kind of things i want to experience. As a kid from an inner city, this is stuff i was never really exposed to outside of the olympics on the television.

Maybe it was the vibe of the space, or the excitement of buying new shoes — even if they are only meant for spinning. It just felt right. Yeah there was the occasional feeling like an outsider looking in, but it felt like i did belong there a little (that deep inner athlete in me). I was just in awe of all the bikes and stuff that went with them. I knew if i went alone, i would be seriously overwhelmed. I was absolutely grateful in having Karen there with me, to guide me.

Tomorrow i will go to my first spin class since buying my new shoes. I hope to eventually go to a spin class three times a week if my schedule allows. The virgo in me has been going spin nutty, reading what i can, checking out the message boards at

Deep inside of me, i just want to be that athlete. I want to move and not huff and puff. I want to be stronger and not afraid to try new things. No fear.