there is absolutely NO excuse for me not to go to the gym.  i am in and out of them all day six days a week teaching yoga. that’s the rub. there have been too many days where i didn’t want to peel myself out of bed an hour or two earlier to workout, or the urge to eat nixes the idea of staying after class to work after being up since 4:30am some mornings. sure i could come home, eat then a few hours later go back out to the closest fitness center,  but with gas prices that just is not possible.

planning will have to be the biggest strategy here.  i will have to make sure i eat a good breakfast and pack myself a few snacks to keep the energy levels up, so i am not crashing.

The Workout:

this summer i started working out with a wonderful trainer. i saw her teaching a bootcamp class at the hamden gym and i loved it. it was just my style. every class was different.  one day while waiting for her class to end, so that my class can begin she and our group exercise director waved me in.  my gosh it was tough and i loved it. Ann runs her own personal training business called Functional Fitness: Workouts for Women, and if you are in Connecticut check her out. After speaking with her and talking about hip issues we started to work together. i loved it even more than bootcamp. i learned to push myself. things were always changing. i would ask for more because i knew i could push it. when i wanted to push myself but my hip was in discomfort she made me back off.

unfortunately, due to my business picking up and her vacation schedule we had missed each other. i was with hope i could go back and work with her again for this, but her business has picked up and my schedule won’t allow the times she has available.  honestly, it sucks.

my workout plan for now will be what Ann gave me for homework this summer with additions.  there is access to many classes at the gyms i can take and that will fit into my schedule – Bootcamp, Straight Up Strength, Kwando, Zumba and indoor cycling.  the plan is variety. i get bored too easily and i have a slight dislike for cardio, although one product has made it much better.

Cardio Coach

if you have noticed there is a link to Cardio Coach on the side. a few years ago on a great fitness forum, i found the link to Cardio Coach due to a CT woman who had no connection to him besides being a customer and loving the product.  at that time Coach Sean, the owner and mastermind behind this program, was offering a free volume 2 download. extremely generous, but marketing genius.  i was on dial up at the time, so she offered to download for me if i sent her the email link and snail mail it to me.  it was free, what did i have to lose?  Cardio Coach helped me go from really disliking those cardio machines in the gym, to seriously tolerating them.

i have gone from just five minutes of being killed on the elliptical, to now holding my own and feeling really good for a full hour on it.  the ellipitcal gets a special mention because it was the most difficult machine for me to tackle. Cardio Coachis an mp3 or cd that uses interval training, which i always knew was a good thing for building strength and speed when it comes to cardio. i tried doing it on my own, but i would lose track of time. here is Coach Sean telling me in my ear when to push it, when to back off, when to come into a steady state and always encouraging you throughout the whole volume. if i am not mistaken he was one of the firsts to put out these types of workouts on cd/mp3s.

i first stumbled upon Coach Sean i believe he only had three volumes out at the time, with the fourth volume due out soon.  when that fourth volume did come out, he had a sale and i was able to pick up the first, third and the fourth volumes to add to the second that i already had. now he has up to seven volumes (i believe the 7th just came out or will come out by the time i post this).  at this point i’m really not ready for anything beyond the fourth. each one gets progressively longer and more difficult even though you can take it at your own level.the plan includes to use my Cardio Coach mp3 on the cardio equiptment at the gym (changing the piece of equitpment to keep it fresh).

Indoor Cycling

when i lost the biggest amount of weight in my Weight Watchers era, i was indoor cycling. my lovely friend Yell was teaching at the time and invited me to her class. it wasn’t love at first pedal, again it was tolerable. i wasn’t strong enough to do the standing in the saddle with the crazy reisistance, but i went into it with the goal of just pedding for the whole class. i did. i made it and went back again. my thighs were the smallest they ever gotten in my adult life.

there were two issues i did have with spinning. 1. my butt hurt! those seats are so freakin hard. Yell did help take some of the sting away by giving me a gel seat that was in lost and found. that made it a bit more tolerable. 2, my feet hurt because i was wearing your regular run of the mill sneakers. it was very pinchy. i had no idea that there were special shoes. according to the Queen of Spin at the Y, Karen, they have a harder sole.  on thursday we are taking her hubby’s cute BMW z4 (i love this car) for a drive to breakfast and a cycling store in Wilton so i can try on some shoes.

when i get the new spin shoes and with my gel seat, i plan on adding spin to the workout schedule. i can take the 5:45am classes at one of the gyms on two of the days i teach in that area.


the boxing bag is on my list of things to add to the workout. i already own a pair of pink 12oz gloves. Ann would let me hit the bag and i loved it. one of the gyms has a whole boxing room and in the mornings it is usually empty. i am in that particular gym twice a week.

THE PLAN: Sunday October 5th – Saturday October 11th

Sunday – yoga

Monday – Cardio Coach Vol. 1on the eliptical & Ann’s routine/homeworkwith the Bosu

Tuesday – 8-9am Bootcamp with Karin in Stratford & Yoga

Wednesday – 5:30-6:30pm Straight Up Strength with Eileen  & Cardio Coach Vol. 1on the eliptical

Thursday – If my hip is feeling good Kwando with Kristin at 6:30pm

Friday – DVD of my choice & Cardio Coach Vol. 1 on the elliptical

Saturday – rest

i reserve the right to change things as i need to, my clients come first.

Live. Love. Laugh.