“i didn’t know we were going to sweat!” said the older woman next to me.

Karin the instructor responded, “that is why it’s called Cardio Tease.  some men like a little sweat.”

it was a great exchange and the whole class laughed because we were all sweating.  Cardio Tease is strip tease choreography, sexiness, and a workout rolled all into one…with your clothes on!  at one point your mind turns off thinking about what you are doing, and  just have fun with it.

the class was filled with seven beautiful women, including the instructor, of all shapes and sizes bringing out their sexiness with sultry moves.  the moves weren’t crazy difficult. i was able to follow along quite well. (although i have two left feet with choreography, i do have some rhythm), at some point you get so into it, and nerves fly out the window. you forget about the men, taking moments out of their workout on the other side of the window, to check us out. maybe it had something to do with the energy in the room, awesome music Karen picked out, just being in the moment, or all of the above.

although my knees and hips made me modify some of the moves, i felt damn sexy.  i didn’t feel like a potato.  sweat dripping into my eyes. my core, hips and thighs were absolutely getting worked.  i laughed, had fun and was happy i didn’t talk myself out taking the class.

choreography is not always my friend.  me taking a step or a hi/lo class is watching a train wreck. choreography is one of the reasons why i don’t teach Zumba that i am certified for.  i love to dance, but i can’t always get down the moves.  Hip Hop, Cardio Tease, Bellydancing, Zumba, Latin Impact, and various other unique classes have been offered at the various fitness centers i work in.  one of two things usually happened, i couldn’t go because i was scheduled somewhere to teach or i would talk myself out of it.

i couldn’t come up with a valid excuse. since i was already teaching i would already be there with an hour in between to kill. the class i teach on friday morning wasn’t before sunrise, so i didn’t have to be in bed early.  there was no way i could talk myself out of it. i’m happy that i didn’t.

the hour to kill between teaching and teasing was spent on the elliptical and stretching, just a nice steady state cardio since i wasn’t quite sure exactly what  Cardio Tease was going to be, besides the obvious.  it was nice and what my body needed. my hips started to feel pangs of discomfort, and i started to stretch (pigeon pose and a few twists) until Cardio Tease time.

when Karin offers this class again, i will be there if i am not teaching. i’m contemplating taking her Hip Hop class on wednesday evening. classes like these make cardio fun and interesting for me.

…oh and yes we did slap our butts.

Live. Love. Laugh