I  feel like a potato.
Really. I was in a yoga class one day  wearing a grey t shirt and yoga pants. I looked in the mirror and right away, I knew what i reminded myself of – a potato. Somewhere along the the few years i lost most of curves with emotional eating, less movement, and putting low quality foods into my body. I know how i got here, and honestly i know the formula of how to get out of this potato body and find my curves again. So what’s my problem?
Honestly, I’m not sure. One goal of this blog is to help me figure it out, and to keep me accountable for my weight loss journey. Going public puts it out there, whether people read or not. I know this blog is here with my workouts, my foods, and what ever i need to work through.
Making a blog about my journey, keeps me honest and hopefully on track.From Fat to Fierce is not about me getting “skinny,” i’ve never been that in my life and i don’t think it is in my genes. I believe in a healthy weight while being curvy. Right now i’m fat (it’s true, and there is nothing wrong with that word). I miss my curves.  This blog is about accountablity and getting not just a smaller non potato body, but a healthier lifestyle and loving my body.
My goals for this journey:
  • to lower my body fat, weight, and inches (numbers are coming soon)
  • to accomplish some yoga goals ( forearm stand and handstand without the wall) and acro yoga
  • to bring out my inner athlete
  • to not turn to food for comfort when emotionally distressed
  • in losing weight to take relieve some physical discomforts that happened within in the last two years.
Welcome to my journey, from fat to fierce i go!